How to take exact Body Measurements of Male & Female

You should know all about yourself and you must know each and everything related to your body. If you want to know about your total body physique then you should know how you can measure your body by yourself. Let’s talk about different methods to take measurement of your body.

The measurement method for Men is little bit different from the women so we discuss them one by one.

Method of Body Measurement for Male

First of all we take the measurement for a Men’s body. You will be having an inch tape and a full mirror in order to take the exact measurement. These two things will be the necessity for you to have them right in front of you.

Undressed or light weight clothing: You should be undressed or put a light weight cloth for the precise measurement and the best way is that ask your friend to hold the inch tape along your body. You should stand straight while taking measurement.

Neck Size:While taking measurement of your neck you should wear a shirt which has a collar so that you can measure the neck size from the center of the collar button.

Sleeve Measure: For this purpose put a skin tight shirt and bend your elbow at 90 degree and take measurement from the center of the back collar up to the cuff.

Chest Size: For the measurement of the chest up your sleeves above your head and put the inch tape along your chest and keep it going under your arms so that it will cover your chest part from both front and back.

Waist Size: put the inch tape around your waist exactly where you put your pent and make it loose, don’t tight it around your waist even that much of loose that your finger can pass from it.

Methods for Females

First of all take a measure tape made of soft cloth or rubber, don’t take metal made measure tape as it is used in the construction sites and can be harmed while using at your body. You may want to see all actresses and female celebs measurements information here.

1st step: At first just stand straight and keep your exhaling process normal while taking measurement. As at this point it is difficult to do his by yourself so you should take help of your friend.

2nd Step: Your inch tape must be in a correct position; it should be straight according to your measuring body part. In some cases it should be parallel to the floor and while taking measurement of the length of the body it should be perpendicular to the floor.

3rd Step: You should wear appropriate clothes which get fit to your body and while taking a chest measurement you must wear a tight bra.

4th Step: While taking measurement of your sleeves you should stand straight and your hands must be touched to your thighs.

5th Step: while taking your waist measurement lose your weight and put the inch tape exactly where you wear pants or trousers.

6th Step: Stand still and put he inch tape on your side of the waist in order to measure the length of a leg. From the side of the waist point let the inch tape gone upto the feet.

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