Brad Pitt Body Measurements

Brad Pitt is a very well-known name in the industry of Hollywood. He is very handsome and charming actor who has won many awards in his career. Along with acting, he is also a very excellent producer who has produced many good films. He has been acting in films since 1987 and giving a hell of brilliant performances. His movies also nominate in Oscar Awards and almost every year he got at least one Award.

Brad Pitt Measurements and pic

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Height: 5 ft 11 Inches

Weight: 77 kg or 170 lbs

Chest size: 43

His movies are always watchable and impressive in which most of them he puts true life base stories. Recently he won Award because of his great movie “12 years a slave”. He is also engaged to a pretty film actress Angelina Julie and their relationship is also very old. He got attracted to this beautiful woman when he worked with her in a movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Before Julie he was married to a famous actress Jennifer Aniston but their relation didn’t go well and they got divorced after 5 years of marriage.You may want to read that how celebs do dieting for better body in this article.

Waist: 34

Biceps: 15

Now he has six children along with Julie and they seem very happy. He is a very talented actor who has given a lot of great movies that includes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Troy, Fight Club, Money Ball and a lot more.

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